Aluminum Workbench A Solution to Your Needs

The aluminum workbench is preferably used for businesses that are worried about clamping devices, measurements, screening, and so on. It is made with an aluminum account and panel account braces. It is just a workbench prepared for assemblage activity managed with pneumatic tools. It is constructed of anodized aluminum information and includes s special system for screwdrivers and tools. One of the lower limbs is pressurized performing as both a tank and nourishing line. We can source a variety of workbenches and storage area alternatives for the manufacturing plant environment, created from Detall’s system. Our in-house design team can design a composition to meet your needs. We provide fast delivery of standard designs including workbenches, trolleys, shelving models, tool self-storage, tables, and tables.

Aluminum Workbench Benefits


The professional aluminum workbenches are made to hold an enormous weight. This weight capacity will make you capable of continuing your work with heavy equipment and parts that may ruin or even break the workbench. With the Detall aluminum workbench, you will not happen such problem. They are created to hold up against all the machines and the aluminum tools that you utilize on a regular basis. With such an enormous insert bearing capacity, you can complete your daily creation duties safe and with zero-safety hazards.


The key reason why most businesses decide for these workbenches is they can withstand functional rigors. The task surface of the Detall aluminum workbench is constructed of thick particle panel and melamine resin. It is the melamine that truly makes these aluminum workbenches immune to chemicals (organic and natural solvents, liquor, and petrol) and hot items. The Detall workbench ESD provides you the final outcome that can stand up to frequent utilization whatever the weight of the items used each day.

Ergonomic desk design

The look of the workbench performs a great role in the production as well. The chance of producing strain-related injuries works quite high if personnel need to flex above the workbench on a regular basis. That will lead to lack of efficiency and potential work-related accidents. Our professional aluminum workbench is made to change matching to user’s level and personal preferences. The capability to modify the Detall workbench is immense, which is enhanced with the ergonomic workbench design. The overall flexibility of the Detall professional workbench plays an important role in the overall output and efficiency.

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