How Best Tower Line Workbench ESD Can Serve You Well

The Detall tower line workbench ESD is an uncommon combo of robustness and overall flexibility in a visual program!

The Detall tower line has a strong steel structure and comes in a variety of design options. These options include the two-sided option, line expansion, and the solution of your workplace. The Detall tower line workbench could be easily reconfigured to meet new requirements. As the name signifies, tower line workbench ESD, offered by Detall, is also ESD suitable, with a sizable variety of add-on accessories and easy cable management. It adapts to changing needs in several ways providing maximum profits on return.

The Detall tower line workbench ESD is a great solution for the consumer hi-tech labs, electronics industry, specialized school environments, departments of IT, assemblage, R & D and other technological office areas.

Top features of Detall tower line workbench ESD:

  • Custom-made and reconfigure.

The Detall tower line workbench ESD will come in a multitude of design options. Whatever your space planning needs, Detall is offering you a suitable workbench collection that can take full advantage of the use of space.

  • Ergonomic desk, easy to individualize.

Just like all kind of workbenches, offered by Detall, the tower line workbench ESD has been made to be ergonomically practical. The knee space, free repositioning of accessories, lamps, as well as many other areas of ergonomic tables have been considered.

  • Provide Excellent efficiency in challenging conditions.

The secure steel structure withstands 750 kg. The bench elevation is freely flexible with mounting brackets, making leveling easy to perform.

  • Extend Your living area.

The bench elevation is freely changeable in a remarkably wide selection of 270 mm -1915 mm. This permits you to use the required living area. For example, space for a number of additional equipment and set-ups range from two full-size bench tops.

  • Safest solution.

After using the tower line workbench ESD, offered by Detall, the electrical cords can be covered, setting up a clean and streamlined workplace. The cable openings are also suitable for easy access.

Advantages that you can buy from the Detall tower line workbench ESD are huge in amount and for that reason, the tower line workbench ESD, made available from Detall is well suited for you.

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