We have provided ESD protection to hundreds of customers

With Over 12 years of experience we have provided ESD protection worldwide. Many reputed companies trusted by our quality ESD safe furniture. All of our clients are fully satisfied with our ESD solution and have referred us to others. We believe that quality is important than quantity and have proved it many times. Now we are looking forward for you to be among our satisfied clients.

Our Projects

Esd Flooring At Zollner
Esd Storae And Shelving At Zollner
Shelving At Zollner
Storage At Zollner

Mezzanine ESD storage shelves for electronics products

Project ScopeBuild the mezzanine storage shelves for 3000m2warehouse, the shelves should be strictly ESD controlled for electronics products.Year: 2010
Esd Benches At Simense
Esd Chairs At Simense
Esd Flooring And Esd Products At Simense
Esd Shelving At Simense
Esd Storage At Simense

SIMENS Research and Test laboratory

SIMENS SHANGHAI BRANCHSiemens Center Shanghai, No.500 Dalian Rd, Yangpu district, Shanghai
Esd Benches
Esd Chairs At Blackberry
Esd Protection
ESD Workbench
Esd Workbenches And Esd Chairs
Esd Workstations At Blackberry

Blackberry Workspace Furniture

BlackBerry Shanghai1000 Jinhai Road,
Pudong District
Shanghai, China 201206Year: 2009 , 2013
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