ESD Workbench

The services of Detall in the field of technical and ESD workbenches are very useful. They can be adopted for various industries including the R&D centers, production workshop and maintenance station for electronics, telecommunications, aviation, aerospace, automotive and military, medical and healthcare, laboratories, logistics and packing. We serve and supply the greatest quality technical and ESD workbenches. Range of our customers is wide related to the large multi-facility, the government plants and even the small Laboratory and repair businesses at the same time. The Detall customers are very obliged with the exclusive services because of some specific features of our technical and ESD workbenches products. They have the exclusive characteristics revealed below.

Detall Technical & ESD Workbenches Features

  • Best material: Cold Rolled steel, table top with ESD laminate are used in the technical and ESD workbenches production.
  • Open modular frame: Modular accessories for a flexible workbench configuration and economic option to add accessories in future
  • Ergonomic design technical and ESD workbenches: Adjustable structure is given that provides comfortable posture for different size of people for high productivity and low RMI (Repetitive Motion Injury) and fatigue
  • Authoritative standards: CE certificate: International ESD standards IEC-61340-5 – 1:2007; International Safety of machinery EN ISO 12100:2010 and EN60204-1:2006 + A1:2009 +AC: 2010 are followed in every stage of production.
  • Flexible price: The price of the desk is based on different assemblies. The price is different that depends upon your selection.
  • Excellent ESD performance: Permanent ESD validity; CE certificated IEC61340-5-1:2007 standard ESD laminate worktop + ESD metal working surface.

Since the technical and ESD workbenches made by Detall are up to the mark and meet the international standards thus you are able to select any of the ESD workbench (provided below) of your choice with full confidence. On the contrary, when you compare the price level of these Detall products with their qualities then you will find them that the given prices are very low.

Multi ESD Workbench

The main target of any useful Multi ESD Workbench is to provide you the functionalities of erasing the entire problems of storage, caters a better display, fully operational in performance and meet the customer’s requirements. It should be w read more...

Basic Esd Workbench

The Basic ESD Workbench provided by Detall is an excellent choice which will serve you well as a standalone table or you may utilize it as an extension to your existing workspace in addition because it is capable of using for many purposes. The De read more...

Corner Esd Workbench

The trend of using the best quality Corner ESD workbench is going to be increased at every moment passing in most of the well-known industries working on the face of this planet these days. Because, it is a better solution to enlarge the working s read more...

Double ESD Workbench

The main target of the Double ESD Workbench is to make sure that the users will become able to work together in an ergonomic and collaborative environment without facing any difficulty. The chief goal of the Double ESD Workbench provided by Detall read more...

Motorized Workbench

It is a matter of open reality that the ability to accurately position the work surface is vital for the basic target of reducing the strain and fatigue in shoulders, arms and the back of the workers. Due to this fact, the useful motorized workben read more...

Flow Through Workbench

The utilization of the Flow through Workbench can be seen in various sorts of industries all over the globe consisting of the electronic, precision instruments, pharmaceutical and lots of more. The Flow through bench caters by Detall can be used i read more...

Conveyor Workbench

The Conveyor Workbench Sets collection that is available at Detall is outstanding in nature and able to meet the demands of the customers in an easy and a pain free manner. The Workbench Sets provided by Detall are well equipped with the conveyor read more...