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The use of the welded wire mesh is not uncommon as it is utilized traditionally in lots of working areas. The main purpose of the mesh is to defend the original item, just like a guard in buildings and factories. Therefore, it is very valuable for preventing the harmful and unwanted things.  Due to its remarkable functionality, the use of the mesh trolleys is increasing day by day all over the world. In the case when your business is related to electronics, the employment of the Light Mesh ESD Trolley is vital for you in order to get protection from the electrostatic discharge and giving the facility of working in the safe and sound environment.

Detall Light Mesh ESD Trolley

In the situation, when you are looking for the excellent working, full of protection and stylish light mesh ESD trolley, the services of Detall is very useful for you in this reference. Different models of light ESD trolleys are available in the Detall collection from which you can select the desired one easily just according to the requirements of your valuable business. These wonderful working trolleys are well equipped with the most useful carriage and self-combination facility for the basic target of providing you as much functionality as you may wish to have. The major characteristics of the Detall Light Mesh ESD Trolley collection are shown below.

  • The DIY display stand can use free adjustment of layer, number of layers and total height of the cargo are optional.
  • Suitable for high requirements of the environment, such as the dust-free workshop, clean room and hospital.


1 – Name: Steel Mesh layer trolley UV1

  • Part No. TFT58601
  • Size: 600 × 450 × 1600mm

2 – Name: Steel Mesh layer trolley UV2

  • Part No. TFT58602
  • Size: 900 × 450 × 940mm

3 – Name: ASteel Mesh layer trolley UV3

  • Part No. TFT58603
  • Size: 900 × 450 × 1600mm
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