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It doesn’t matter that you are working in the modern or the traditional environment, because the utilization of the fabric chair has become part and parcel of almost every business and industrial sector working on the face of this planet these days. The huge utilization of the fabric chairs is due to the reason that they are comfortable and ideal for working. You know the danger of ESD is at the top in the current growing industries and this is the major motive that the fabric ESD chair should be utilized instead of the ordinary ones.

Detall Fabric ESD Chair

The Detall fabric chair collection is high quality that is well decorated with the thick sponge, big seat and backrest in order to make the working environment relaxed, safe and sound. The material of the Detall fabric chairs is remarkable as it is sweat-absorbent and well furnished with the air permeable chair cloth. The designing of these chairs has made in such a unique manner that they must be able to relax the user. As an outcome, they are suitable for the people who sit in chairs for a long time working. The available collection of the Detall ESD fabric chair has permanent ESD property of 106 -109Ohm. The following models of the Detall fabric chairs are available.

Fabric ESD Chair Models

1 – ESD PU Chair P5

  • Color: blue
  • Size: Chair seat 430×400mm
  • Adjustable height range: 420~570mm foreign trading Stainless steel five-star feet, superior plating elastic steel plate

2 – ESD PU Chair P6

  • Color: blue
  • Size: Chair seat 320mm
  • Adjustable height range: 420~570mm Aluminum alloy die-casting of molding five-star foot at a time, superior plating elastic steel plate

3 – Chroming Stainless Steel Round Chair

  • Size: Chair seat 310mm
  • Adjustable height range: 430~550mm
  • Foreign trading Stainless steel five-star feet, superior plating elastic steel plate.
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