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The main target of the Double ESD Workbench is to make sure that the users will become able to work together in an ergonomic and collaborative environment without facing any difficulty. The chief goal of the Double ESD Workbench provided by Detall is to offer the best quality by adopting the structural steel frames which are well furnished with the double-sided slots. Because of this fact, it will give permission to the worktop and accessories to be shared with the double-sided mounted on an upright frame. This is the process that will allow the Detall ESD Workbench to get a workbench double configuration easily and efficiently.

Detall Double ESD Workstation

Seeing that the Detall Double ESD workbench set are designed while keeping a keen eye on the ergonomic factor, that’s why it will allow the users to get a comfortable position by adjusting every accessory no matter if the users have different body sizes who work in the face to face position. The Detall ESD Workbench collection is well equipped with certain types of qualities including the affordability, modular and ergonomic workbench functionalities. You can utilize it for any purpose although it is most appropriate for a lab, technical, assembly, and other sensitive work in which the customized storage and features is required.

The Double ESD Workbench available at Detall have some specific features stated below.

  • Electrostatic Dissipative versions (ESD) are available
  • ESD parameter: worktop 106-109Ohm; other part 106-109 Ohm

Choosing the Detall Double ESD Workbench is your right decision as they are planned and produced by the Professional Engineers. This workbench collection will come in front of you in the form of best quality and performance that will cover all your requirements. As they are available in reasonable thus affordable price, therefore, they will be an excellent addition to your workplace.

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